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Dynamic synthesis of hydraulic devices - Introduction

Dynamic synthesis of throttle brake devices of hydro cylinders. Introduction

One of problems at designing of hydraulic cylinders is creation of brake devices (hydraulic dampers), providing smooth braking of the piston in the end of a motion. Usually it is carried out by means of the built in throttle devices and realized either for the certain time interval (braking «on time»), or on the certain distance against the stop the piston in a cover of the hydraulic cylinder (braking «on a way»). Thus peak pressures inevitably arising during braking in a cavity of the hydraulic cylinder before a throttle should not exceed as much as possible admissible values.

Let’s consider the problem of synthesis of throttle brake device of hydraulic cylinder according to the given law of motion at braking «on a way» in a view of dynamics of hydraulic cylinder (Fig. 1).

Fig . 1. A simplified scheme of hydraulic cylinder with a throttle brake device

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