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Research of Drives and Transmissions - Introduction


Described above algorithmic and software have been a basis of computer-aided design (CAD) system at creation of hydraulic volumetric and hydro-mechanical drives that has allowed to solve a great amount of problems during design and modernizations of actual machines. Traction-dynamic calculations and the analysis of hydraulic volumetric and hydro-mechanical drives and transmissions have been lead for single-bucket excavators of III – V dimensional groups: EO-3322B, EO-3322C, EO-3323, EO-4121, EO-5122B; jib self-propelled cranes carrying capacity 16, 25, 63 and 100 t; auto concrete pumps SB-126, SB-126А, SO-226, BR-14, SB-170-1А; loaders ТО-18, ТО-21-1, ТО-31 (small-sized); double-motor scraper DZ-115; auto grader DZ -140; asphalt spreader DS -155-1, etc. Below some of these solved problems are considered.

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