The site on the applied and engineering mathematics is offered to your attention. The purpose of the site is the help to students, post-graduate students and engineers of various specialties at performance course and degree works by them on drives and transmissions of mobile cars, carrying out of dynamic and traction calculations, research of hydraulic and hydro mechanical systems of drives and transmissions by means of the algorithms presented in the site.

The first part of the site "Applied mathematics" contains the numerical methods most applied in an engineering practice. In the section "Partial Differential Equations" works of the author have found reflection at research of hydro dynamical processes in axial-piston pumps and pipelines with a liquid (see examples of numerical solution of the elliptic and hyperbolic partial differential equations).

Wishing to fix the knowledge on methods of solution of applied mathematics problems we recommend to look into the site WolframAlpha - Computational Knowledge Engine.

The second and third parts of the site ("Engineering Mathematics" and "Analysis and Design") consist completely of works of the author on simulation and computer-aided design of hydraulic and mechanical drives and transmissions and control systems.

The website has some programs for dynamic analysis for systems of hydraulic and hydromechanical drive, as well as static calculation of hydraulic drive and tractive calculation of hydromechanical transmissions. To use the programs you must enter "Tools" and then selecting the desired program, carefully read the user manual and then preparate input data for the calculation.